Elias Mårtenson

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This is a new test of write.as.

As with the previous posts here, this post does not contain any useful information.

I will, however, at some point post some real content here.

This is a test post.

This post is not supposed to contain any useful information. I'm just testing the platform.

Here is some source code:

(defun render-op-list (stream maxima-sym displayed-sym exprs)
  (with-aligned-rendering (stream)
    (iterate-exprs (expr exprs maxima-sym :first-sym first)
      (unless first
        (aligned-spacing 0.2)
        (render-aligned-string "~a" displayed-sym)
        (aligned-spacing 0.2))
      (render-aligned () (render-maxima-expression stream expr)))))

Just a test of write.as

This is not an actual blog post, but rather just a test of the platform.

I'd like to write actual blog posts, but I don't know if I have the time or dedication to do so. But, if I actually do it, I'll probably try this one.